Links to Friends, neat places, that kinda stuff!

Welcome to our links section - here we have some website links to people and places we think are cool!

Rodney over at Home of the Gargoyle!

Click on the Buzzard to head off to - home of the legendary Airsmith Earon Carter and his work.

Mike Casady over at CCI creator of the Phantom pump marker, Phantom VSC!

Carter and the players at

The Camo Guys!

Kristen Kleist organizer of the Old School Challenge, Lady Attitude! has her site at

The gang over at SCP....

Mongo aka Steve Brett and Von Kampen Corp - home of the Duckslide!

Topstitch - neat stuff up north!

PBMafia - Your one stop shop for Panitball softgoods!

Airsoftmaster - in the heart of Buena Park - Airsoftmaster for all your Airsoft needs in the North Orange County area - just a few blocks away from Knotts Berry Farm and closest shop to Tac City Fullerton!

more links to come!

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