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Update Flash March 9, 2014

Good grief it has been a slacker year and a half or so - lol - we have been playing but the camera has not seen much use and I will admit - I was a slacker! But the time has come to dust this place off and start posting again!

Recently we hit the field for the RTR event at Jungle Island - camera was slacking but thanks to a few of the guys there we have a few pics! First up the gang that made it out there

Now as mentioned it was the RTR event - so here are the Gargoyles that made it (plus one Mongoose go Woooulf) !

And of course Earon Carter was there - here is a shot of one of the tables of awesome!

Some busy work time coming up so it may be a bit for the next update - but it certainly wont be a year and a half lol!


Update Flash August 30, 2012

Looking forward to the 9/15/12 Matteeday over at Camp P, also going to try and squeeze in the TPG day the week following.  Got my new RTR pump kit in hand and it is beautiful!  need to get my grubby hands on a guide rod (CCI style) to go with it then I will be good to go!  Looking forward to testing that and my new Roundhead body for the phantom =)  Also finally got the Orry out again and tuning it up - might even be abusing that on Matteeday time will tell there =)


Update Flash August 10, 2012

Wow, it has been awhile since we updated lol.  Been out to several fun days of play but yes we have been SLACKERS when it comes to camera action...In other news tomorrow is the SC Village Autocockers vs Automags scenario day - only downside - the last week has been a HEAT WAVE =/  hopefully all the hydration the last few days will keep us alive - meep.  RTR will be releasing a new undercocking kit soon - waiting for that with much anticipation.


Update Flash April 18, 2012

Well this past weekend was certainly exciting - started with a great fun day at SC Village with The Camo Guys.  A private/pickup event that ended up being 32 souls having a great time.  Typical sides were actually at 17 v 15 for most of the day ending with 17 v 12 =P.  Props to Mario for pulling it all off and wow to Mother Nature for keeping the temp below 65 all day and averaging 61 in the Inland Empire omg!  Sunday was personally a bit harsher but with a silver lining - my Toyota Camry decided to have a critical Starter failure - the starter motor burned out completely - the good news is that it did NOT start a vehicle fire (something common with this kind of failure) so a prayer of thanks for that.  Then to add insult to injury my oldest crown chipped /sigh.  Ah well.  Once Mario gets the video and pics up I will see what I can post - for now here is a link to The Camo Guys!

Teaser picture posted by TCG


Update Flash April 9, 2012

What a great weekend we had - Easter fun and games on Saturday 4/7/12 at Pendleton =)  Kudos to the boyz for making a flag, setting up an Easter Egg Hunt game and putting on a grand ol day of fun in the sun!  Ankle Injuries seemed in vogue with the heat also taking its toll on folks and we even had one player on a double broken ankle play the day without a care in the world!  4/7 also saw the debut of an ultra low rise feed neck from Sanchez Machine - but more on that later =)  Final tally 1 broken ankle, 4 twisted/turned ankles, 3 dehydrations, and 1 set of keys locked in car.... Teaser pic


Update Flash March 28, 2012

Been a rough few weeks, that rib injury sucks heh =/.  In brighter news - Suma will be testing a new feedneck on the Prototype on 4/7/12 keep an eye out for pictures then =)  and it should be a great day to play as Matteekay and Festa are scheming up new variations on the usual eliminations to keep things fresh.  With any luck I will also be testing my new custom waist rig on 4/7/12 if all goes well. 


Update Flash March 19, 2012

Posted the 3/10/12 MCB Private Game up, also updated the schedule a bit.  Testing continues on the SM-1 prototype with a new ultra low rise feedneck coming soon to the field for real world testing =)  Also posted possible play day 4/7.  In other news - I most likely will not be able to attend 3/25 pump day much as I want to due to injury =/  Pic from 3/10 tho!


Update Flash Feb 23, 2012

Just posted the Feb 19th entry for Those Pump Guyz Pump Day #2 at Camp P.  Was a great day of fun for the 24 attendees + a play day for our Ref!  Sunday the 19th also saw the 2nd field test of the SM1 Prototype marker - this time with a working Auto Trigger assembly.  Updating the Prototype review will be a mini project as we intend to get more information into it as we go along and have spotted a few things we want to dig a little deeper into =)

Prototype Teaser Pic for the day

Please note the gorrila was not harmed in the shooting of this photo.....

Pump Day teaser pic


Update Flash Feb 10, 2012

It's been a crazy few months, we have a few updates in the Tourney and Events section (for 1/15 yay but not enough pics for 2/4 booo) as well as Stitch's corner growing and growing =).  Of note, Whee McGee has been eclipsed as the most painful accident of record is now one of our new player guests for the 2/4 event in a freak accident was shot in the eye socket.  Thankfully his initial prognosis was given a boost as 3 days later he had already regained 10% and is improving steadily.  The lesson learned here, never scrimp on safety - make sure the goggles are tight and right and when yer hit yell loud and proud.

In better news - 2/4 also saw the debut of a SM-1 Prototype marker in Suma's hands - see the review coming soon to Stitch's Corner! for now here is a Teaser pic of it....

January 15th was also a great day at the field - there's a write up in the Tourney and Events Section - and here is a teaser pic.....

As always a tip of the hat to those who work so hard to make it all happen - Matteekay for MCB Private Games and Demonio for Pump Day - /salute


Update Flash December 22, 2011

Getting closer to that Holiday cheer I hear so much about =P, 12/17/11 we had a fantastic time out at the most recent MCB Private game hosted by Matteekay at Camp Pendleton once again.  This time around the weather was great, the wind was minor, and the turnout was fantastic - over 18 of us there! Thanks to Heinous, Screaming Cricket, and Suma - some PICS!

Knees seemed to be the injury of choice on the day as demonstrated by Whee McGee

Still - all in all a great fun day - Thanks again MCBers and Thanks to Matteekay for setting it all up!


Update Flash Nov 21, 2011

Well 11/19/11 was a fantastic day of play.  Weather was mild, cool, overcast but all told less than 5 minutes of sprinkle on the day (not even really rain).  Stimpy was kind enough to bring his EZ Up and we never needed it, the weather was that nice.  Sadly illness at work caused Dan to get stuck on a overnighter double to cover his cohorts so he spent the day catching up on zzz, but Suma, Taminator, Ryan Armado, and James all made it out to play!  All told we had 15 for the private game session YAY!  Festa, Screaming Cricket, and Suma worked the camera action so we also got some pics for the day woot!  here on the news lets get a teaser pic - the group shot courtesy of Screaming Cricket

Thanks again to Matteekay for setting up the day - it was GREAT!


Update Flash Nov 8, 2011

Well, rain conspired to make Saturday a bit more soggy than desired BUT - thanks to Matteekay and his determination I still found time to get out to the field to tech and tune markers.  The Gargoyle performed like a champ - first 3 shots out of the box between 250 and 260, tune her up to 280 and she got 35+ solid shots per Leland 12g consistently.  Velocity stayed steady and accuracy was "Voodoo Magic" according to one witness lol....The Z-Force had a mild reg issue at first but managed to get the reg tuned in and it was shooting 280 and also putting nice groups on the target boxes in the staging area.  All in all I will most certainly remember remember this past 5th of November!!


Update Flash Nov 1, 2011

After some anxious waiting, with much thanks and Aloha to Rodney at RTR - the Gargoyles have landed!  My very first Gargoyle marker in Silver

And the new Gargoyle trigger group to update the Duckslide to the GargieSlide!

GargieSlide has some work yet to be done but I am certainly looking forward to MCB Walk-on day this weekend to tune the Gargoyle itself.  Also in our order of 12g CO2 from Leland and with any luck sometime soon Mongo will be sending me the last piece to the GargieSlide project =).

Suma has finished the long awaited Z-Force project - picked up the last of the parts (reg, hoses, that sorta stuff) and without further ado

what it looked like before Suma worked some magic.....

Special thanks to Suma for putting her together, to BooBoo and Beasly for helping me get the project going to begin with - its been many years coming....


Update Flash October 28, 2011

The games at Pendleton on 10/15/11 were great fun - unfortunately our camera person was too engrossed in a new novel to get much picture taking done - BUT - thanks to Festa we have a group pic of the attendees.  Special thanks to Matteekay for setting up the game and all who attended.  Guest appearance by Daniel Watts formerly of the Olde Lions =P.

Also updating my roster page for the evolution of the Z-Force project and the ever popular omg Phantom case =)

Coming soon - the evolution of the Duckslide and with any luck a welcome to the Gargoyle!


Update Flash October 12, 2011

How the time flies, it's been a few years hiatus with many things changing in the pump world - the OSC is no longer an active tournament series in SoCal at the moment - perhaps it may return perhaps not, but we wish Kristen all the best in everything she does and hope she brings it back to SoCal soon =).  I myself am finally returning to active playtime and hopefully some of the boys will run out too!  Looking forward to a quick game out at Pendleton's new fields this weekend - pictures to come!


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