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Update Flash July 15, 2008

OSC #4 at Hollywood Sports Park was a long long day - on the bright side we got to sport our brand new Jerseys courtesy of Kat and the crew from Animalpaintball.....without further ado - a spoiler of a few pics!  For more - see our tourney section update!


Update Flash May 26, 2008

OSC #3 at Hollywood Sports Park was a very challenging day, we had a few ups and many moments that made us look back and say - whoa what happened?  To say that the day was not ours would be true, to say we had moments we would love to replay would also be true - but as a wise man once said - Every dog has its day and today just wasn't ours.... That having been said - it was a well run day - kudos to the crew at the Old School Challenge for putting together a great event - majority of the day's reffing was good with just one guy we will fondly remember as the Mole....or the 4th blind mouse... ah well =P... Without further ado - the pics!

Walking the field we see the boys setting up their plan for the day.....

Wrapping up the plans.....and then once again team bonding gone a bit too far......

Nowhere to go but up we look forward to the next event and a lot of practice in between....


Update Flash May 5, 2008

Was an interesting day over at The Compound in Jungle Island this past Saturday....Weather conditions were nice and we rolled in at about 730am to get the day started....  Lets talk about the awesome stuff first - hands down the bunker quality and setup were awesome, the netting was solid and the distance from staging to field was short.  Pump games ran quickly with very few running the entire 3 minute time...  Unfortunately there were some hiccups on Paint - paint for a semi event can be hard shelled but paint for pump needs to be consistent, break well, and mark clearly - this stuff marked clearly but thats about it =/   The refs were game but they need a bit of polish and a little more energy getting into the game to make the right calls...... there is also clearly a need for the refs to hold to what is right not just what is desired....  A few teaser pics from our tourney page....

9th on the day but we played with honor and consistently hit that 50 line - gooooooo FC!!


Update Flash April 22, 2008

OSC NorCal #1 at WAP was simply incredible.  The boys in gray made the trip out there and enjoyed the hospitality of the Moy family (Milo's Mom and Dad) then played a great day at the field in Wild Adventure Park (WAP) here in windy Sacramento.  Temperatures were nippy in the morning but by noon it had warmed up considerably and playing conditions could not have been better.  We played hard, with pride and honor, and placed 6th in the field of 13 teams.  Notables include first place winner South Tahoe Outlaws and in second Jesus Etc.  SoCal Pride and Advanced Walkons included members from the southside facing off against the NorCal locals.  The field layout was interesting - Strong 30 lines on both sides but a very low and very dangerous middle 50 and an equally low and dangerous snake.  Even with this shooter style field, the boys pushed hard and took it to the 50 in almost every game.  Here are a few sneak shots from the event - for more check out our tourney links =P

Now for the incredible news....yes friends its absolutely true - PARTICIPATION MATTERS!!!! with the points from NorCal event 1 pushing Final Chapter up over the top to first place in the series.  A three way tie for 2nd with 100 points, the boys in gray are in the lead on the series by a cool 37 points at 137 on the top!

Looking ahead we have SCXL event #2 and OSC #3 HSP on the horizon....see you all again soon!


Update Flash April 17, 2008

The boys in gray are about to make a roadtrip!  Milo and Suma will be hitting the road to go to Sacramento tomorrow.  Being the dedicated worker bee's that they are Drew and Stitch will fly out and everyone will be rounded up and ready to play in the OSC NorCal event #1 WAP.  Stay tuned for pics and plays =)

In other news - FC will be revamping the site a bit and of course more marker pics and game pics will be coming very soon!


Update Flash April 7, 2008

Practices here, practices there, practice practice everywhere.... It is with some sadness that I must report the end of a brief era - Giant Paintball in Costa Mesa is closing its seasonal doors (hopefully to re-open in October) so we held our most recent practice there.  The boys in gray are getting ready for the upcoming NorCal OSC #1 event and held 2 practice sessions at Giant before it closed.  No pics (camera lazy...) but we had a great time and will miss yet another field closure in the OC.  In other news - SC Village's Arena field area has undergone heavy remodelling and also will not be a common stop for us until the dust settles and the speedball fields are rebuilt.

Soon to come - OSC #1 NorCal - WAP - looking forward to a fun time up in the Sacramento area - we are also looking at possibly attending the SCXL event before our next stop in OSC #3 HSP.


Update Flash March 10, 2008

OSC Event 2 at Hollywood Sports Park was an interesting experience this past Saturday - we rolled in strong with Drew, Milo, Suma, Francis, and myself as attending players.  Connie and Jack showed up to lend their support to the team making our presence 7 strong.  We went into the qualifiers and then settled into the Players division for our 5 games of round robin.  A few calls went against us but we still pulled in at 4th for Players and within one hang of 3rd and 2 hangs of 2nd.  We will kick it up again for our next showing and plan for some heavy practice after a short break =)

Some pics from the event

Thanks again to the crew at the OSC for hosting this event, we look forward to the next one maybe even in NorCal =P

stay tuned for more from practice and maybe some shots from HB....


Update Flash March 5, 2008

We had a few good practices at Giant and SC - here are some of the pics we got out at Giant.... as you can see Suma and Drew came out to play!

We are currently entered into the OSC Event #2 at HSP in Bellflower - playtime is this Saturday - see you there!


Update Flash January 30, 2008

As promised here are the pics so far from the OSC 2008 stop 1 at HSP.....

Beasly with his morning stretch....  Milo and Jimmy getting suited up....

Couple of game shots from the upper viewing area - snake was out of bounds for this event.

The upper viewing area with the boys.

Beasly Carlo and Jimmy holding the line......


Update Flash January 28, 2008

OSC stop 1 at HSP was a mixed day for us, we had a few victories and some losses, overall a challenging day.  The conditions were mixed, we were blessed by sunny skies (contrary to the weather prediction) but field conditions were wet and wild with people sliding through bunkers all day long.  Carlo, Beasly, Milo, and Jimmy were our players for the day with myself and Suma there for support.  Nailed one perfect match with Beasly pulling a super hero bunker move and side shooting the mid was the highlight of the day.  Purple Heart to Jimmy for a brutal slide into bunker and a calf on fire.  Milo bought his purple heart with an insane charge into a hail of paint.  I should have pictures up within a few days and our official standings by the weekend.

Mongo was present with his production model Redux markers and a few other toys, look for a new picture set from Drew next month.


Update Flash January 14, 2008

Was an interesting practice/fun weekend out at Giant Paintball in the OC Fairgrounds - We had a strong showing - Carlo, Milo, Beasly, Suma, D.Dog, Righty, Jimmy, and myself rolled into Giant to have some fun shooting with the Flipped Out Army.  Have a few pictures below to show you the speedball setup at Giant and our guys....enjoy!

Here is Jimmy holding the tapeside standup.....and Milo posted up on the tombstone.....

and Beasly and Milo with a new toy.....


Was good to see some of our old hands out there and a new face in the crowd....stay tuned for our 1/26/08 OSC First Stop 2008!!!!


Update Flash January 3, 2008

It's been awhile since I have had time to update here, been working and am still working on bigger updates for our main page.  So I guess lets start the new year right with some announcements

Welcome to Milo Moy - officially promoted to full member with all the pain, suffering, and playtime therein =P  We sure did need the help =)

Special Thanks to Beasly and Carlo for their maximum participation and support - you guys helped keep us going through a rough year.

Also, thanks to Kristen and Lalo over at the OSC for making our last season happen and looking forward to a new season of fun and excitement - 2007 was a tough but fun year and things are looking up on the horizon.

We wrapped early as life, work, injuries, and other things conspired to keep us away from the field a few times, we kept on making our practice and fun days and are working hard toward 2008, now that the new year is here lets get it started with a bang - first event is late January OSC stop #1 SoCal - see you there! -Stitch

Update Flash June 18, 2007

Was an interesting weekend over at Wild West Paintball in San Jacinto for OSC event #3.   Beasly, Milo, Carlo, and Stitch made it out there for some fun in the sun.  Stitch took one for the team with this nasty shot to the dome....but....somehow managed to self avenge and bunker the guy that shot him.  Here we have a few pics of the event!

Managed a 5th place finish just 46 points out of 4th, but the following is what took Stitch out partway through the day.....

All in all, a fun day out in the heat....Thanks again to the boys for makin it out there and to the OSC crew for making it happen. -Stitch

Update Flash June 5, 2007

Had a full weekend, on Saturday the boys hit HSP for a fun day with friends.  Special thanks to Pete Jung for the invite out there.  Much fun was had in the various fields and a private party of 40+ is always a good day.  Sunday saw us at SC Village Arena's for practice, fun times there we got to watch some other OSC teams playing and wanted to get a few scrims in - but the day was just a bit too hot and we were beat after drills... ah well another day....  Special thanks to Beasly and Mongo for helping me get all the things I needed to build.....

got a huge happy grin on my face =)  -Stitch

Update Flash May 18, 2007

Had a few days on the field with the boys lately and we are feeling the summer heat...  Hopefully we will get some new pics up soon and we are looking forward to some fun times at practice.  OSC has us on a mini road trip in June, Wild West Paintball is the destination and San Jacinto is a bit of a trip but the boys in gray plan on making it out there for good times.  Some of the new pics coming are for a marker upgrade that is a joy to behold - special thanks to Mongo of VKC for making possible some new toys for our boys....Also in the news - the June 2007 issue of APG makes our very own Beasly and Francis famous yet again - see if you can find them!!!  -Stitch

Update Flash March 27, 2007

Hey everyone, it is with great sadness that I announce our home field the Orange County Asylum is no more.  We had a great time playing there and wish the best to the staff in all that they do - Hugo a toast to you and yours for all that you have done.  We missed Vegas OSC 1 but we did make it out to OSC 2 at Splatfactory in Brea - kind of a rough day and a few mishaps along the way but we pulled in at 13th and played with honor.

The current newstand issue of APG has a shot of our guys during an OSC event on pg 74.  Check it out!

Keep an eye on the site a lot of big changes coming and some new updates in the near future! -Stitch

Update Flash July 31, 2006

Well its been an exciting few weeks, our road crew went and hit the BAJA event for the Old School Challenge - it was one of the hottest weekends on record but the boys put their heads high and pushed the 50 for a 3rd place finish - with ONLY 15 points between us and 2nd.  Heartbreaking as that was, it was still a GREAT day to play.  Kudos to the boys - Drew, Beasly, Mike, Francis - support from Jae and Fernando.  Took a weekend off from practice and play and now we are ready to jump back in the saddle and ride again - see you all soon at the Asylum!  Sadly no pictures provided yet for this event - hopefully the camera crew will get back in the swing of things soon =P. -Stitch

Update Flash July 10, 2006

Practice Practice Practice - had a fun weekend over at the OC Asylum - our official home field.  Hugo surprised us with the official announcement of our team sponsorship, giving the entire team smiles for the day.  Thanks again to Hugo, Tim, and OC Asylum - it is GREAT working with you and playing at the Asylum!


Update Flash June 21, 2006

Updated a few marker pics in the toys sections (find em in the Roster =P), also made a few picture changes on the main page.  The FC boys are making plans to attend Baja for the OSC - stay tuned for more on this as it develops.  We also have big plans for the July 1st grand opening of OC Asylum - Pump Tourney day!!! yay!  hope to see all you pumpers out there! -Stitch

Update Flash June 15, 2006

I would like to take a moment to thank Mike V.'s other half - Jae.  Jae has been one of our principle photographers - taking many of the shots you see on this site - THANKS JAE!!!!!!!  Also up for recognition on those grounds - Andrew Pagsisihan our co-captain and Carlo Manalang.

updates to Roster section and minor changes to the main page...hope you all enjoy!

Well, we had a few birthdays lately - Tam got a little older, Stitch got a lot older..... we also hit the OCAsylum again for some fun and play.  Our team had a woodsball adventure out in OSC4 Conquest - but it was a tough adventure indeed....the silver lining to the cloud - a glorious max against the LA Hitmen....sadly the earlier part of the day was tough on us.... ah well...  As always, the boys will buck up and buckle down because we plan on being in the finals again this season.  For your viewing pleasure....-Stitch

Update Flash May 30, 2006

We enjoyed our first official practice at the OC Asylum field in Anaheim, CA.  Had a great time playing there.  The crew layed out a brand new setup for the air bunkers and we got to be among the first to run through them.  Hopefully will have some pics up within the next few days so keep checking to see what kind of fun we had =)

Prepping for OSC 4 in Conquest.  FC plans to field a solid squad for this event - more to come. - Stitch

Update Flash May 19, 2006

Working on a lot of things, got a gathering coming up and more practice.... looking forward to our next tournament events.  Recently, I added some nifty stuff to the site, page transitions and a few more Bio's for our Roster page.  Looking forward to even more changes as our site grows.  Hopefully we will have more pictures up after our next practice day and some from our gathering at the end of the month...til then - see you all later! -Stitch

Update Flash May 2, 2006

We had a great weekend practice over at the SC Arenas, FC was out in force and we worked hard to hone our skills for our next event.  Sadly a gremlin hid the cameras from our photo crew so no new pics to post from practice, BUT, we do have pics from our very own Andrew "Drew" Pagsisihan - Co-Captain, and intrepid photographer.  Check em out in our Tournaments section.  or if you are lazy - here is a link.

Stay tuned for more!    - Stitch

Update Flash April 25, 2006

Well it was a rough event 3 for us out in Acton California, We had a nice start to the day, but then for one reason or another we struggled with the remains of the day.  Still, a good learning experience and a lot of things to look forward to with a bright new day.  - spoiler - some photos from the event!

Next up in the OSC series - Conquest Paintball Park in June!



Update Flash April 18, 2006

We recently played in the OSC 2006 series event 2, Pendleton.  Finishing 6th we were still within 107 points of 1st, the competition was very tight from 1st through 7th with many teams hanging on the last few games.  Hopefully next event we will break back into the finals rung again!  Working on a few pictures to post from this event and will hopefully have a link up to tournament events on the home page soon. Here is a small spoiler.....


Welcome to our new home.  Final Chapter has been on the SoCal scene for several years, participating in OSC, CSPL, and other events.  Our core roster has grown to the expanded roster you see on the home page and the party is still rocking on!  Future expansions to this site will include forums and some picture galleries, we also plan to add pics of our markers to each player as we go.  Stay tuned for more!!!  Stitch

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