My First Gargoyle - #33 - with humble thanks to its maker Rodney Neil at RTR


The start of this story goes back many years, in my younger days I was blessed with the opportunity to play in the fields of Hawaii with many fine folk.  The teams of the day included Team Ronin - a force rooted in honor.  It is bittersweet to remember at times because one of my friends who belonged to that team was a gentleman by the name of Mathias Luber who sadly left this world behind far too soon.  Rodney created his company looking back to those days with the name Remember the Ronin. 

I had been on a short LOA and upon my return on the web found some of my old haunts had changed and others had prospered.  It was on the MCarterBrown site that I got reacquainted with Rodney and his fine product line.  Having read through the rave reviews and what resources were at hand I reached out to Rodney with the hopes of obtaining a Gargoyle marker - the current flagship of RTR.  Rodney's first pics of Gargoyle #33 that he sent to me to confirm that it was what I was looking for

To say my jaw dropped would be putting it mildly - my response was YES!!!! that will certainly work for me!  After some time it made the journey from Massachusetts to California albeit a day late making us worry a bit lol.  Opened up the box and unwrapped this beauty

Aired it up and did a bit of dry firing at home - fantastically smooth trigger, bit stiff on the pump but I imagine it just needs some breaking in.  Fast Forward to November 5th.... From this day forth I shall remember remember the 5th of November not as the gunpowder treason and plot - but instead as the day I took my Gargoyle for some play and kept nailing targets shot after shot =).  Average of 35 solid shots per 12g consistently and very little variance in shot to shot consistency (over 100 rounds rough average of 280 +/- 10.  At one point taking shots at a target dummy mask I easily put 3 shots ball on ball on what would be the middle of the goggs.  Normally I take a little bit of time to get accustomed to cycle and shot - this marker just felt right from the word go.

So ended my first live fire day with my new Gargoyle, #33 in Silver.  I will update this journal as time goes on =)



My first full play day with Gargoyle #33!  Special thanks to Matteekay for once again coming through and setting up a fantastic private game full of friends, new friends, and good times.  The day itself started in the low 60s and upon arrival I dutifully walked down to the chrony station - last time out I was set at about 280ish and this morning - one full tube out the chrony again between 275 and 290 yay!  plinked around the shooting gallery got about 3 tubes before it dropped a little - last 5 shots on the 4th tube were 270 272 265 260 250 - dropped the 12 at that point.

Suited up and started the play day - marker outperformed me at every turn - even without a stock it pointed naturally, on reflexive debunker shots it put the paint right where I wanted it without even thinking.  We had some mild wind so some long ball shots of course curved at the end - worked for me when my 2nd shot at Suma placed it right on his shoulder =).  The one quirk over the day of play - 12g bucket changer needs to be retightened every now and then.  Pump strokes were smooth and sure, I only saw 1 double feed (my fault) on the day, 2 rollouts that I am aware of, and one brittle ball that burst in the barrel about 2 inches from the breech.  Cleaning the one internal break was SUPER easy - unscrew the feed tube, twist out the barrel and check the breech for paint then run the squeegee down the throat to clean the barrel out =)

Got a wonderful mix of long and close range shots in, loading and 12g changes were smooth, old habits of finger checks on thumbscrews and 12g kicked in pretty quick after one early game when the 12g turned out and I could hear it hiss.  Average of 3 tubes before I changed out of habit - could probably keep shooting but I dislike running close to the limit because you never know when you need to throw a lot of paint to stop rushes.

At the end of the day I chronied out at 281, 275, 288, 285, 280 off a fresh 12g.  Leland 12g's used throughout the day, never once touched my velocity adjuster since 11/5/11.

Breakdown was easy - put a few drops of oil using a Q-Tip to clean the area near the slide trigger and some fresh synthetic oil on the O-Rings and bolt/hammer/sear areas.  Checked all screws tight and wiped down the body and rinsed the barrel.  Total clean time - 12 minutes start to finish - including time spent finding those paint specs that splattered around =P.

Looking forward to my next play day! =)


12/3/11 MCB Walk On Play

Well we had our free passes from the last private session so we figured - heck lets go play walk on !! =)  Few hiccups at the pay station but we were able to use the passes without getting rentals nor using field paint - YAY!

Gargy #33 continued performing like a champ - snap shooting was a breeze but speaking of breeze - the wind was horrendous and playing stock against semi against the wind was harsh =P

With slightly cooler weather and high wind - still managed to get about 30ish shots per 12g =)  Had to tune just a little bit at the chrony station first shot was 265 - half turn up and back to 280, 282, 275, 281

Pump is now sliding just a bit smoother, trigger is snappy - nothing but <3!


12/17/11 MCB Private Game

Another great day of fun - originally started the day thinking I would play a few games with the Gargy and then swap into my Sniper2 to test a new barrel kit.....nope - played all day with the gargy and never looked back lol!  Better weather this time round - far less wind but temps about the same.  First shot at the chrony station 278, followed by 282, 279, 285 - happy me =)

got a few more shots during my first test 12g - 36 before it dropped to 250.

and thanks to Heinous and Screaming Cricket and even Suma - this time we have some pics!

Snapping at folks low on the left and high on the right was very natural - no problem point shooting without sight picture at all.

At the end of the day - once again cleanup was fast, quick visual inspect of all screws, and back in the bag =) 


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