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We have a special treat this weekend as Suma has been allowed to assemble and field test a new SM-1 Prototype marker.  Here we have a picture of the assembled marker with a 68/4500 tank.

Features include - 3-D milled and lightened body.  Integrated dual pump arms with arm guides integrated into the body, Orbium 3 Barrel kit with a stylish rain-cover tip, Slim Single Hinge .45 frame and bird cage on/off.  Also features the SM-1 Stick feed and a standard pressure front reg.  The marker is compatible with a cam auto-trigger and has a clamping feed neck.  Few observations on the new marker

The Marker itself is incredibly light, the entire marker weighs less than the tank pictured above.  The slimline .45 grip is comfortable and the pump stroke is smooth and straight. 

The reg is still new enough that it is breaking in, for stretches it is very stable and then toward the end of the day needed some minor adjustment which is very typical of a brand new reg.

Orbium 3 barrel performance was exquisite as always.  Slightly underbored at .683 the marker consistently shot straight and true all day.  The raincover was effective at keeping paint out of the barrel on the single hit that it took there.

Here are some pics of chrony performance - shot to shot

285, 285, 288, 293, then back down again to 283 - typical cycle of about +/- 10fps overall and +/- 5fps shot to shot roughly.

Performance notes

Initial assembly - it is important to note that the Birdcage in final assembly will likely get a little bit of blue loctite to the frame.  Suma plans on putting a little tef tape on a few specific parts also in final assembly.  Our first test was without the AT cam but our next test should include one.  Everything else performed well and was in line with what I would expect in a new marker.  First few shots off the chrony early on in assembly were low and had the classic "fart" indicating reg sweet spotting was needed.  Of note - when using reballs the reg sweet spotting is typically a little low - in this case roughly 265psi when at the field it was better between 280-290psi roughly. 

Fit and Finish

a few parts were still proto rough - the cam will be in on the next test and the back block is still undergoing design changes (plans include a slot blocker as well as matching finish.) most parts were slim and tight showing the emphasis toward light weight, but still maintaining structural integrity - there were no "weak" feeling spots everything was tight and firm.

Field performance

Suma used the marker all day long and had a blast.  For the first time in years he was able to put the tried and true Red White and Blue down in the box and rocked the prototype like an extension of his own arm.  Point shooting by feel was natural, the light weight did make a few initial snaps high but was fairly easy to get accustomed to.  By comparison the weight is very close to a CCM T2 and playing with the SM-1 Stick Feed kept this minimalist approach in focus.

Exploded Views - few quick pics of the things that go into this beast - using a 2nd prototype for the exploded views below - first the grip frame assembly

Custom Reg w/Macro line adapter, Macro line, Birdcage on/off w/Macro line adapter.  Grip Frame with single hinge trigger, AT CAM, travel stop for the trigger, Trigger plate, spring, Hogue style grip and screws.

Next the body assembly

Dual Arm pump with return spring and pump assist plate.  AT cam, Clamping feed neck, SM1 Ball detent, SM1 Bolt w/Pin, Sled with dual arm threading, Pump rod, Vert ASA, Custom 3-D milled and lightened body with integrated pump arm guides, SM1 Internals, and external velocity adjuster (tourney adjuster that requires wrench also available)

And now for a little history behind this evolution of the SM1 marker....  5 years ago (maybe even longer!) Pete Jung and Brian Obien started chatting with Luis about a new marker that they wanted to see made.  Design tweaks, changes, even a pump stability innovation went into the original design.  Luis recalls working closely with Pete to get the original prototype made and refined of what was planned to be the Brotherhood's team marker to start with and the start of a new line for Sanchez Machine.  Time passed and life intruded as Pete moved away for job and family pursuits and the prototype lay dormant just waiting to rise again.  Fast forward to today - the prototype is finally seeing some field time and a few more minor tweaks being discussed.  The future is brightening up for this little prototype to take flight!  Those lucky guys at the Brotherhood are going to be surprised by this when its finally ready =).

Next Updates

Expect the following to come

More pics of the body - side by side with the original SM-1

More specs - measurements on size, weight, Reg pressure testing specs.

More detailed chrony test.

This is a limited run body which Luis has commited the first portion of the run to Team Brotherhood - additional markers will be available once that commitment is fulfilled.  For inquiries you can find Luis Sanchez at Sanchez Machine is his current home on the web

more to come on our next field test 2/19/12!!!!!


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