Sanchez Machine, Home of the Orbium 3 Barrel kit


With big thanks to BigBtheBenji from MCarterBrown - I got my hands on my first SM-1 Orbium 3 autococker threaded barrel kit.  The kit has a 12in, 14in and 16in tip, 1 control sleeve, and 4 backs .684 .689 .693 .695 as you can see here with case and tool.

I found myself wanting more backs so I reached out on MCB and thanks to Feyd was able to find Luis Sanchez over in La Mirada at Sanchez Machine shop =)  While there I was able to order additional backs (.677 .679 .681) pick up .686 and get some additional parts for another kit!!!

Thanks to Luis I was able to get Dust Silver control sleeve and the 12in and 14in tips - once I get autococker bushings in I plan on trying these on Gargoyle #33 =)

Sanchez Machine is a hidden gem in La Mirada just off the 91 freeway.  Luis and his team are friendly, and Luis's wealth of experience in making and using barrels is amazing.  I spent quite a bit of time talking to him about the history of the Orbium 3 and the barrel kits were just the tip of the iceberg.  SM-1 also makes Pump kits, Stick Feeds, Frames, and even their own SM-1 Marker line of Sniper2 based half blocked markers that are incredibly light and aesthetically pleasing!

The Orbium 3 is the current flagship of the SM-1 barrel lines, using a 3 piece design allowing for different tip lengths and porting designs, styles, and varied bore backs behind the control sleeve.  A typical Orbium 3 kit comes as I received it from BigBtheBenji - 3 tips, 1 sleeve, 4 backs and a wrench.  Basic Black, Gray, and other colors including Red and Blue were there at the shop.  Luis also had some custom colored (including flame tip barrels) in his display case.

It was certainly a pleasure doing business with SM-1 and I am looking forward to the Gargoyle field test once my bushings are in! is his current home on the web

more to come when I field test the kit on the Bruiser Sniper2 =) and Gargoyle #33!!!!


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