Old School Challenge Event #3, Acton CA

The Acton event was a very challenging day, to start with we had a highly competitive draw with some of the best teams in the series going head to head with us.  Stitch and Tam were both sidelined by work commitments, Drew was benched due to injury (ack Drew, I keep telling you that pole > leg) Beasly, Suma, Mike, and Lefty were on the line on this day of battles.  BooBoo also sidelined himself to coaching and support duties.

We started the day well, with our high game of 97....but the rest of the day was a struggle against chronographs, communication, and in some cases just plain bad luck.  The other teams brought their A game and gave us some hard lessons learned this day.

But fear not, FC will take these lessons and come back stronger!  We played with honor and heart, it just wasn't our day.

Lefty, Mike, Beasly, Suma, J at the vehicles.

FC!! yay yay yay yaaaaaaaa!

Suma and Mike posting up!

Juggernaut inc!  gooooo Beasly!

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