MCB Private Game 12/17/2011 Camp Pendleton, Oceanside CA.

Was yet another nice day at Camp P when Matteekay once again hosted the MCB Private game!

This time around we also had a special event - the Raffle for the Girls drawing - filmed at lunchtime by Suma and Heinous and linked to youtube by Ta2maki this was the culmination of a months worth of work for Tigwldr and Stitch in support of the family of a veteran who sadly passed in an auto accident on Veterans Day.  Hopefully Christmas for the family will have some cheer to help fill the void and salve the loss of their loved one.

Suma sported a new look today - he decided the ponytail was out and bleach blonde was in!

More Pics of the FUN FUN DAY!

Cheers aka Cobra Commander on the Hill

Stealth Heinous...

In this pic we have Suma, James, Natalie, Screaming Cricket, and a few others =)

Matteekay at the Tiki field

I actually made it to the top of the hill by the tank....

Suma and Bored383 holding the line

Slinger, Whee, Mattee, Cricket - ok guys the plan is.......

Tom and Gerardo - rockin the semi's wha?

I think thats Ta2maki rocking the DSG?

MCB Private games - so fun you smile even when you blow your knee out......

Matteekay and Cheers at the Tiki field

Wait...wait...who is that using Gargoyle #33 - OMG!  And Taminator2000 has a T2 WHAAAAAAA!

Starting at the Tiki huts!

Finally injury tally - Whee McGee and Gerardo - knee pops......but - still a GREAT DAY!  Thanks again Mattee hope you had fun with my gargy omg!


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